5 reasons I have the Luxury to Sleep in. Can you afford it?

On a typical day, I get up when I feel like it.  As of late, that falls between 9:30 and 10.  My baby girl will sometimes be snuggled next to me, and my other children will likely be lounging in their beds.  No one except my husband and sometimes, my youngest son, is an early riser, but we prefer it that way.  On the occasions that I am forced to get up before 8, or God forbid, even earlier, I swear that early birds must be insane.  Why else would anyone do something so ridiculous?  Whatever the reason, let me not digress.

I really love my bed!

Now, you might wonder how I am able to pull this off?  A woman in her forties, with five children, who doesn’t have to get up and go to work.  Well, it’s not because we’re rich, unless you’re talking about love.  In that area, we are exponentially wealthy.  Financially speaking, however, that’s not the case at all.  The reason I have the luxury of staying home, is because we don’t live in luxury at all.  We live comfortably.  I get to sleep in and roll out of the bed effortlessly, because I’ve paid bills that others won’t or cannot pay.

Here are five of those reasons, with their benefits and their cons.   Check em’ out……

Kids: “Mommy, the back door just fell off.”  Me: “Just get the duct tape”
  1. I drive and old car! The vehicle I drive is old as dirt; my husband’s car is even older.  Right now, as I type this, I am awaiting roadside assistance because my keys are locked inside. There is no “clicker” to let me in automatically—it got ran over by our lawnmower years ago.  I would call my husband to bring our spare key, but in like fashion, that also got destroyed.  Add to that the fact that our automatic sliding door has arthritis, the dvd and cd players don’t play, the fuel reader selectively reads, and the fact that our car has a touch of dementia, and and you’ll get a a clear picture of the shape our car is in.  At any rate, Grandma car takes us anywhere we need to go (within city limits) and she saves us a monthly car bill.

    Them:  Nice Gucci Shades Kish!  Me: Oh, TJMaxx sells Gucci?
  2. I don’t have designer anything. No bags, no shoes, no clothes—I don’t own anything substantially name brand.  Now, that’s not to say there aren’t any labels in my closet, but they would be the exception and never the rule.  I remember my cousin complimenting me once on a pair of designer boots I wore; I had no idea they were name brand at all.   I bought them because they felt like butter on my feet and were in my price range, period.  The label, I guess, was just the icing on the cake.  But, that’s how I shop; for the most part it starts with need, then drifts to comfort, then quality, but its hardly ever for impressions or style.
  3. I married the right man. Of course, I am biased and this is subjective, but let me clarify what I mean. My husband was always okay with me staying home and not working, so this never was a fight.  Now, that also meant I had to be okay with whatever dollar amount he brought in and learn how to work within those parameters.  The point is, I settled down with someone who had the same ideas about family and the roles he and I would play.  If I had gotten that part wrong, I might not be writing this now.  I’d probably be at work, and getting up early, and basically hating the world!

    Him: Man, I really love this girl!  Me: I’m never waking up early again!
  4. I put my family before my career.  I am a very intelligent woman and I don’t mind saying it.   Neither do I mind revealing how I was crushing goals long before the Mrs. got attached to my name.  So, did I just forget about all of that because I became a wife and mother?  I didn’t.  What I did do, however, is put my children and their needs before my wants (and sometimes needs), in order to give them every possible advantage.

    Hubby:  Why go out when we can just party at home.
  5. My family was enough.  In my case, they had to be!  When you aren’t in the position to fill your life with material things, other junk usually fills that void.  Of course, I could have used food, or alcohol, drugs, television, friends, activities, etc. to do it; and minus the drugs, I have.  Ultimately, though, it was my husband and our kids, that I centered my world around, and what made my choice to stay home, a pill I could  swallow.

Now, for the Cons.

Hubby: Hey, babe, I think we’re ready for a new car.  Me:
  1. I drive an old car! Yes, and there are times when it’s annoying as hell!  Like, when Grandma car is too tired to start.  Now, I do have my very own battery starter in the trunk, and I can easily give Grandma a shot, but I don’t always want to be bothered with that!  I just want to get in the car and go. I want to get on the freeway, or drive out of town, and not have to rent a car becasue Grandma car’s legs ain’t what they used to be!  I want a car that’s not on any meds.
  2. I don’t have designer anything! Okay, let me not be facetious here, I do own many things that aren’t cheap and I’m far from having to thrift shop (I still do it on occasion).  What I am, however, is practical, and I very rarely splurge.  So, the answer is yes, I do want that designer bag that I’ve been eying for a while.  And yes, I, do want that expensive pair of shoes.  But, since my husband works long and hard for every dollar that we get, I just can’t bring myself to waste our money (or his time) on things that we don’t really need.  Splurging for me will just have to come later; when it does, everybody watch out!

    Me, Later…….
  3. I married the right man—who works all the time!  For me to stay home has meant that my husband had to hustle.  School, job changes, career moves, relocating to different states, and the challenges of being an entrepreneur have been our life for the past 16 years.   That and many long hours of him being away from home, is what it has taken for me to sleep in.  Though the trade off has been worth it, it’s been equally as hard.200w-18
  4. I put my family before my career! I struggled with this choice for the first ten years.  I was just insanely bored!  The monotony of cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, burping, crying, and hearing my name (or title) called all day long, would make me seriously question life at times.  I was eventually able to reconcile those two feelings, but it was a tough road for a long time.
  5. My Family was enough—except when they weren’t.  And when that nagging, guilty feeling would creep up—I’d ever so gently force it back down.  The truth is, it’s hard to think about all of the things you’re missing out on, like freedom, peace and quiet, more money, less stress, and my pre-kiddo figure, without also feeling like a bad mother at the same time.  I finally had to give myself permission to admit that my family was enough—sometimes—but, that it was also okay to want and to pursue other things as well.

    Hold up, I didn’t sign up for all this!

Let us hear from you.  What price have you had to pay to live the life you want?  Do you ever regret those decisions.  Tell us why or why not in the comments.

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Hey there, very pleased to meet you. I'm a mother and wife who finds time to write and share a glimpse of my life with the world. Here's to living Brilliantly! Enjoy

28 thoughts on “5 reasons I have the Luxury to Sleep in. Can you afford it?

  1. It seems like you really enjoy the life that you chose for yourself, and that’s all that matters! There are definitely some days I wish I could be a stay at home mom or work from home everyday, but I know that isn’t for me long term, I’d lose my mind! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I struggle a lot of the time with the pros and cons of my own work-from-home life. I love that I can be there for my kids much of the time, but I am just WITH THEM much of the time. I think only stay-home and work-from-home parents can identify with this struggle.


  3. Thanks for sharing your personal information. It’s good to be know about my co-blogger. I so relate with you in many ways I worked hard so much and sacrifice other things for some reason.


  4. Lol sounds like you are enjoying your life and content about how you are right now. I am too, I love my life right now especially because I can do whatever I want without having to worry about money.


  5. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us. I totally agree with you on having an older car! We have a nicer car that we stopped driving as it only took the expensive gas, and everything was hard and expensive to fix on it.


  6. I like it that you look at everything from two different perspective! It is totally proper. Everything comes with a price and it is not always exactly the same every time you look


  7. I enjoyed reading your post and your different pros and cons about life and all its luxuries and how you have hacked it. I find we work hard, spend hard then to work even harder after that so having a balance is so important

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The best decision I ever made, while difficult at the time, was to leave my job and stay home with my kids. I didn’t know how it work out financially, but luckily, we’ve been okay!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thats so great that you married the right man. I cant sleep in because im a morning person. I wake up at 5am and love it. Your amazing


  10. I agree with all of these. I was experiencing the same thing in my life now. I worked so hard and sometimes we just need to sacrifice something just for the better.


  11. The biggest price I’ve paid is also the one I regret the most. To keep a roof over our heads, I’ve had to work more hours than I would like. I have my own Virtual Assistant company, and the hours are brutal. I get up, go to the gym, work, and go to bed. It’s tough. It’s not quite as bad as it could be because I work from home, so I’m around the family all the time. Unfortunately, I miss a lot of events.


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