Kisha-Long E



I get it all the time, “your name is K(ee)sha, with a long e sound, but your name’s not spelled with an e”.  I guess they’re technically right, my name should have an E somewhere in there (probably somewhere close to the I), but, since I wasn’t there to spell it for the birth certificate, nor did I choose the name– I guess it just is what it is.

So now that you know what I’m called, let’s learn you something about me.  Here goes:

I’m so many things all the time, as of late, I’m a mother anticipating the lull of summer break.  Who I am that brings me the most joy? — Well, that would be a mother; The part of me that’s most fulfilled?– Undoubtedly, the wife.  The me that’s most persistent?–  I’d have to say my smile, it goes hand in hand with my humor ( I tend to laugh a lot!).  The me I can’t escape? — she’s the inquisitive, creator.  These are the reasons I write.


Other than that, let’s see…….  I love candles, plants and fresh flowers, snuggling up in the winter, sleeping in on the weekends, the sun on my face in summer, written words on paper, seeing my kids playing, the strength of my husband’s hands, and being surrounded by beautiful things.  

I hope you truly enjoy this space!